All the songs ShiuJam Studios has released are listed below. As usual, they're in .zip format, so you'll need a decompressor which you can find in the links section. I do this so that it doesn't open in your browser.

Download either the Low or High quality version of each song. High quality versions have higher bitrates (kbps) than low quality versions. If you have broadband or a fast internet connection, I recommend you download the High versions to get the best-sounding version available.

Eclipse Releases: (Audio Tracks Composed/Sequenced by John Shiu)
Eclipse - Hold Me Close (Kiss Me In the Rain): Low/High: Lyrics
Eclipse - Stand Strong: Low/High: Lyrics
Eclipse - Eagle: Low/High: Lyrics
Eclipse - Lost Reverie: Low/High : Lyrics
Eclipse - In the Still of the Night: Low/High : Lyrics
Eclipse - Undying Memories (Graduation): Low/High : Lyrics
Eclipse - Goodbye: Low/High : Lyrics
Eclipse - Dead Wrong: Low/High : Lyrics
Eclipse - Silent Night: Low/
High : Lyrics
Eclipse - Lemme See You Sweat: Low/
High : Lyrics
Eclipse - Endlessly in Love: Low/
High : Lyrics
Eclipse - Lately: Low/High : Lyrics
Eclipse - My Apology: Low/High : Lyrics
Eclipse - My Apology (Remix): High : Lyrics
Eclipse - Erasing You: High : Lyrics

DJShiU Releases:
DJShiU - On My Mind: Low/High: Lyrics
DJShiU - Epiphany: Low
DJShiU - Ambient Mix: Low
DJShiU - Ballad: Low
DJShiU - Orchestral Mix: Low
DJShiU - Club Mix: Low
DJShiU - Remix 3: Low

Special Releases:
John Shiu and Esther Lee - Now That You're Gone: Low/High : Lyrics
John Shiu - I Love You: Low/High : Lyrics


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