Lemme See You Sweat
Lyrics By: Mark Wendel
Performed by Eclipse

Get on the floor now,
Everybody get loose now.
Break it down, I wanna see you get wet.
Eclipse is in the house now lemme see you sweat.

[Verse 1:]
Roll into the club, everybody standin' 'round,
Gotta get you some love.
You got your polo shirt, collar flipped halfway,
Then a fine lookin' woman says she's ready to play.
Shakin' her hips and bouncin' them thighs,
Movin' and starin' right into her eyes.
When the DJ gives the beat you know what to get,
Grab a fine lookin' girl that's gonna make you sweat.

Let me see you work it baby,
Sweatin' as your heat flows through me.
Come on DJ bring that power,
People on the floor you better raise your hands,
Let's get low, make it hot, now let's get louder.

[Verse 2:]
Stop. Now breathe a minute.
Now bring the beat back and start spinnin'.
We won't come out until it's dark.
Work the floor, show 'em all, and leave your mark.
She pulls up to the you, you need nothing more.
Put your arm around her waist and tear up the dance floor.
She's got one hand up, the other's on you,
We don't care, dancing's what we do.


[Verse 3:]
When you come right next to me,
And I can feel your skin and your heavy heartbeat.
1, 2 step,
Freestylin' as we get set.
I wanna take you girl,
Right off your feet so we can just sweat.


Move it fast, and move it slow,
Raise your hands and lemme see you get low.
Slide, shake, push it back,
Pull her close and bring that hot beat back.

[Chorus × 2:]

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Copyright © John Shiu, 2003