Lost Reverie
Lyrics By: Mark Wendel and John Shiu

Performed by Eclipse

"Hey it's me. Um, I guess you're not around tonight, busy or something. Just try to get back to me this time, ok? You know I love you. I'll seeya later.”

[Verse 1:]
Waiting by the phone, for me to call,
Trying to imagine me, by your side and you in my arms,
Every time that I leave you, I long for your touch,
Never have I felt this way or loved someone this much.

Can't believe you're in my life,
Without you I cannot feel alive,
Ever I find myself lost, nowhere to go,
Always been my one my only guide,
Cornered in the darkness you brought me light,
Needed it the most I gave you love,
And in return you gave me undying hope.

[Verse 2:]
Lying on the bed, still waiting for you,
And when I try again she's gone don't know she's out with her crew,
Every since we went out separate ways, I've wished to see your eyes ,
This life is wrong, just try to realize.


I still cannot see you,
As I wait by the phone for you.
Can't these dreams come true?
Reliving memories of my love for you.

[Chorus × 2:]
Can't believe you're in my life,
Waiting by the phone,
You brought me light, you brought me hope.

[Hope × 8]:

Hope, undying hope.

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Copyright © John Shiu, 2003