Hold Me Close (Kiss Me In the Rain)
Lyrics B
y: Mark Wendel and John Shiu
Performed by Eclipse

Hold me close,

[Verse 1:]
There was a time when I was born,
When I was truly young,
Just an innocent boy,
And life had just begun.
When you came and breathed the life,
Into my soul just like the sun,
Those endless summer nights,
And I just knew you were the one.

Do you recall,
Do you reclaim,
That I'm still the same.
You are my rose,
Hold me close,
And kiss me in the rain.
Hold me close,
Hold me tight,
Hold me all through the night.
Hold me in love,
Hold me in pain,
And kiss me in the rain.

[Verse 2:]
How would I ever find,
Another girl like you,
I’m lost in the world without your,
Love to see me through.
Remembered that day when I,
When I discovered the truth,
That I could depend on,
You and only you.


I’m loving,
I’m staying,
I’m hoping,
I’m praying.
I’m needing,
I’m feeling,
I’m dreaming,
I’m seeing.
I’m living,
I’m standing,
In the darkness in the rain.

Will you stand by my side?
Will you catch me if I fall?
Will you be there when I cry?
Will you save me when I call?

[Chorus × 2]

I’m loving,
I’m praying,
Just kiss me in the rain.

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Copyright © John Shiu, 2003