Lyrics By: Mark Wendel
Performed by Eclipse

[Verse 1:]
Back in a simpler time we would express our love.
Never a fear of time,
Time that passed with every night and day
With every waking hour closer to going away.

I wish whoever you meet
Will never make you cry.
I need more time to share.
Looking deep in your eyes,

[Verse 2:]
I guess I knew it had to end some day,
But I never knew that it would hurt this way.
I tried to do the things I always do,
But whenever I try it just reminds me of you.


Why can't I lie there with you? [Goodbye,]
Deep in your arms, [Goodbye,]
There's nothing else I would do. [I'm falling apart,]
I lie awake and I cannot sleep, [And I can't bear to say goodbye.]
Thinking of things that could never, never be. [Goodbye.]

I’ll miss you.
I hope you'll remember me,
And all the love we had,
And what we'll always be.

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Copyright © John Shiu, 2004