Lyrics By: Mark Wendel and John Shiu

Performed by Eclipse

[Verse 1:]
I never knew just what to feel,
Now my dreams have become real,
And now I’m here forever to stay.
There were times when I could not go on,
Lost my strength to weakness, all gone,
So I reach out to you and say.

I need trust and support,
When I'm near my last resort,
You come to me and say,
Tomorrow is a brighter day.
Like an eagle in the sky,
When you're here I know just how to fly,
And then I can be,

[Verse 2:]
Life's a game that never ends,
How you win, it all depends,
Just freeze and focus on your dreams.
I understand just what it takes,
To move on from old mistakes,
Realize the future can change.


Hoping is the way to trust,
Fail, it’s all right to try and succeed,
It's all out there for me.
And if I want to see you,
I'll just reach inside,
And think of all the times you ever held me,
‘Cause you're an eagle above me.

Think of all the times you ever held me,
You're an eagle, an eagle above me.

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Copyright © John Shiu, 2003