Dead Wrong
Lyrics By: John Shiu and Mark Wendel
Performed by Eclipse

I thought you cared.
I thought you loved me.
Damn. You know what?
I was wrong.

[Verse 1:]
A week ago when I was at your feet and I was your man,
Waited in the restaurant an hour for you to show, but then,
Called me up on my cell and said:
Another excuse again.
I took the wheel and then I started on my way home.
Passed by your place and saw a car parked outside your door.
Thought it was another friend,
But I was so, so wrong.

Wrong, oh I was so dead wrong.
I should’ve seen it, I was played all along.
You made me weak when I thought you really made me strong,
Found out late, but I know now that I was dead wrong.
Wrong, oh I was so dead wrong.
You gave me lust when love was what I truly longed.
I know the truth and I’ve tried so hard just to move on,
But never again will I be so damn wrong.

[Verse 2:]
Yesterday when I missed you I went ahead and called your phone,
But then I got a message saying that you weren’t even home.
“Leave a message after the tone…” Yeah right.
Damn, I should’ve known.
You lied you told me you had to do things at home on your own,
But instead you’re out with a guy I feel sorry for.
‘Cause he and I were both the same I’m sure.
We were both so wrong.


You think you got this game figured out.
You’ll find what pain is all about:
Turn around, walk away, how was I so wrong?


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Copyright © John Shiu, 2003